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"Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."

Proverbs 31:30

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"Lose your life and you will save it. Submit to death, death of your ambitions and favorite wishes everyday and death of your whole body in the end: submit (to God) with every fiber of your being, and you will find eternal life."
-C. S. Lewis "Mere Christianity"

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Novels

Right now I have about a hundred and a half books going on; in my head and in the process of writing.  Every time I watch a movie, or read a good book, or go to some inspiring place, I get an idea for a book.  *Sigh*  And unfortunately that also means new characters develop in my mind!  I don’t know about the average writer, but the worst thing for me is to think of a character and get excited about them and their future, or what they will accomplish, and then have to throw them away to a place in the back of your mind labeled, “Forgotten and Not Remembered... Ever Again.”  It just kills me when I have to do that.  It’s like murder! 

But back to the subject of books.  I’ve gotten off track thinking about my “lost” characters.  There are only three books that I’m working really hard on right now.  One is finished but undergoing major deconstruction and rewriting.  And when I mean major, I mean major!  It was written in exactly 29 days.  One word.  NaNoWriMo.  Need I say more?  The second one is the sequel to the one that’s being rewritten.  And the third is sort of what I call a spy book.  Although it has nothing to do with spies.  Just crime.  But just the word spy makes the book instantly cool.  Like what Jase from Duck Dynasty always says.  “Adding camo to anything instantly makes it cool.”   For me the quote changes to this.  “Adding the word spy and ninja to anything instantly makes it cool!”  Oh yeah... :)  Here are a few main outlines from some of my books.

Alone In the Dark
Genre: Fantasy
Completed, but under major rewriting

He was found as a child, abandoned and alone, by a dark lord and was raised as an assassin in the dark arts.  His play toys as a child were curved swords and battle axes; his playmate and best friend was a scaly dragon and his neighbor was a deadly bounty hunter.  Now at nineteen years of age, Fëllon Xrëeon is sent on an extremely important mission assigned to him by the dark lord Ȅrräd.  Make sure the elven princess doesn’t succeed in her ally mission.

The dark lord Ȅrräd is gaining power over to the west of the peaceful elven providence, Yilla.  His army is growing stronger every day and the elves know they need to prepare for an attack.  The princess of Yilla is sent by her father, the bold King Glandias, to convince the neighboring dwarves to join their forces.   The journey is dangerous, and the princess will need an accompaniment; an accompaniment and a mysterious bodyguard, named Fëllon Xrëeon.     

Never Alone (title pending)
Genre: Fantasy
Sequel to Alone In the Dark

Žashŧä Xrëeon hates the life she has now.  As the daughter of an elven princess, and granddaughter of the King of Yilla, she is expected to be a lady, and a feminine lady at that.  But she doesn’t want to be a lady.  She wants to be a swordmaiden.  She wants to lead an army of Elves, not sit in a stuffy castle, learning what to do and not to do.  Her chance comes when the supposedly extinct race of vicious Mernics rise to power with a new leader.  Yilla doesn’t stand a chance against the rising Mernics, even with her allies of Gnomes and Dwarves. 

Fëllon Xrëeon, along with his daughter Žashŧä, in a desperate attempt to stop the attacking Mernics from destroying their beloved city, travels to the ancient country of Uörmiaŋ where there are sure to be more troops.  Along the way some mysteries start to unravel... maybe even the mystery of Fëllon’s shadowy past.       

Under the Cover of Darkness
Genre: Modern day fiction

David Cruse is your typical college student who lives with his family until he can get a job.  That is until his mother falls ill and dies.  He is then left with three younger siblings to raise, care, and provide for.  But money doesn’t come easy where David lives.  Will David Cruse choose the path that will lead him down to ruin and destruction, or will he use his faith, the faith that his mother instilled in him when he was just a young boy, and get through these hard times? 

The Iris Windr
Genre: Fantasy
Co-authored with Mel N. Cholly and Anastasia Cross

The Elven island of Virialis has been peaceful for the past many years since the wicked Snaidraug Elves were banished from the kingdom.  Since then, only peace and happiness has ruled over Virialis.  But it is not to last forever.  The king and queen of Virialis are murdered, along with the three protectors of the royal: the ancient race of the Iris-Windr. 

Chaos and havoc wreak Virialis as the three new Iris-Windr try to cope with the murder of their former mentors, and the new responsibility of protecting the only royal left.  The princess.  As they try to unravel the mystery of who killed their beloved mentors and the princesses parents, other secrets start to unfold.  Dark secrets. 

At the Coming of the Dawn
Genre: Historical fiction
No synopsis yet.  Idea still not fully developed.  I think I have writer’s block on this book!  Ironic, isn't it?

Journey Into the Shadows
Genre: Fantasy
Almost completed

Ian Ilias, a vagabond, along with his twelve year old companion Cedric, is hired to steal important official documents for the kingdom of Nossalia.  He is supposed to steal them from the princess of Yamalif, Nossalia's sworn enemy.  But along the way, Ian finds out some disturbing facts.  About his country and himself.           

I will have an excerpt from each book in the upcoming posts.  I hope you find these titles and synopsis quite 
interesting!  Thanks for reading!

Angelina Zoe 

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