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Monday, March 17, 2014

A Look at the Character: Riley Blackburn

Since I've given you a little background synopsis on Abigail Blackburn, I think it's only fair if I now give you one on her younger brother, Riley.  He's a less serious type of person and more optimistic about... well everything.

Riley Gabriel Blackburn:

Age: 18-19 (around there) Four years Abby's junior
Height: 6'2
Hair color: soft brown
Eye color: cornflower blue


Riley is a good-natured, fun-loving, happy guy to be around.  He' always optimistic and looks at the bright side of things and loves food almost as much as he loves his sister (which is A LOT).  He's a joke-ster, always trying to get his solemn sister to laugh or even smile.  And sometimes he succeeds, but most of the time he doesn't.  He's always doing things for other people, always helping them out.  He's just all around a really great guy.  The meanest thing he could ever possibly say, or the meanest insult he could ever give would be: I hope you step on a LEGO!  (Yeah, he's a softie...)


When Riley was just three years old, his father left for war, and when he was five, his father died, leaving his mom, Maria, desperate.  His mother never being there for him, Riley was raised mostly by Abby.  They grew very close together as a result.  Riley's the only one who could make Abby open up to and share her feelings with.


Riley never was a great scholar, and not very scholastic, despite his tutoring from a determined Abby.  He was more hands on as a child.  He dropped out of high school when Abby left the house and became a mechanic.  He has a hidden talent, though.  He is an artist.

Here's an excerpt from my book about him.  He is three years old during this time.

Abigail suddenly heard a loud thump from up above the second floor, and her attention was averted from her appearance to who was coming downstairs.  She jumped up, conscious not to step on her dress as she did, and hung onto the railing with one hand, waiting.  Several more thuds later and a huge bang, she saw that it wasn’t her parents coming down, only her little brother lumbering down the stairs.  She sighed, but a smile still was plastered across her ever cheerful face, and went to help her three year old brother down the huge steps. 
     “Come on, Riley,” she prodded, grabbing his chubby hand and softly tugging him down faster.  For being three, Riley was unusually small and still had the look of a baby.  A walking baby.  Once Riley had reached the bottom, with help from Abigail, she sat him down on the last step and examined him closely, looking for anything that was amiss with his appearance.  She took a step backwards and rested her chin in her hands.  “Hmm...” 
     “Wha,” the little three year old questioned, looking at Abby innocently with his round arms and shoulders lifted in a shrug. 
     She knelt in front of her younger brother and brushed his locks of soft brown hair in between her fingers, motherly like, and swept it to the side so it was neat.  She straitened his checkered blue and white shirt and rolled his cargo pants up so that he wasn’t tripping over them when he walked – more like waddled, Abigail thought.  “There,” she smiled, sitting on her knees and looking over Riley with a reproving eye.  “You look very handsome, Riley,” she nodded in satisfaction, looking into the cornflower blue eyes of her little brother.  “Just like Daddy.” 
     It looked as if someone had given the boy a huge piece of chocolate, for Riley smiled as wide as his mouth would let him, and his eyes lit up like it was his birthday.  “Really?
     Abigail nodded enthusiastically, touching his chin with the tips of her fingers.  “Yup.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you grew up to look like his twin.” 
     Riley stuck a finger up his nose, much to Abigail’s disgust, and smiled happily.  He wiggled his finger and then pulled it out, gooey green gunk dripping from his nose. 
     “Ew!  Riley,” Abigail scolded, shooting up from her sitting position.  “That is disgusting!  Don’t do that.” 
     Riley held his wet finger in the air and stuck his lower lip out.  “What do I do with it?” he asked, giving Abigail an innocent puppy face look.
     Abigail sighed, trying not to smile at the adorableness of her brother, and shook her head.  “Go get a napkin in the kitchen and wipe your nose and finger on that.”
     Riley stood up and toddled awkwardly over to the kitchen, sticking his other finger in his other nostril. 

     “And remember to throw it in the trashcan when you’re done,” Abigail called after him, staying at her post in case her father came down.  “Boys,” she thought to herself, once more seating herself patiently at the foot of the stairs.  “Cute and disgusting.”

All around, Riley is a really great guy.  Sweet, sensitive, a joker, and a loving brother.

~Angelina Zoe


  1. EEEK!!! I absolutely LOVE Riley! He is adorable when he's a kid!!!

  2. Wait! Please do posts about Under the Stars!!!!!

    1. I have done one already, Lillian! :) But if you want, I'll do a special one just for you.

      ~Angelina Zoe

  3. ......oh.....

    Yes, I see that! But thanks for doing a special one me me!!! :D

  4. Hey Angelina (my dear Pinterest-Sister), I nominated you for a blogger award. Head over to my blog for more details concerning the award.

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen

    1. Hey Aspen. Thanks so much! I am so honored! I went on your blog, but I don't know where to find it exactly. I've looking, but can't find it. Where would it be?

      ~Your Pinterest-Sister Angelina

    2. Hey Angelina, regarding the pin on Pinterest, I went to reply to the comment you posted but since I'd deleted the pin from my board I couldn't find it again. So here is reply, I didn't want you to think I was avoiding you or anything:

      Yes, I know. What I meant to say was, I cannot remove pin descriptions when I'm using Pinterest on my phone. But since I'm on my laptop now, I can and will delete the description. Have you considered perhaps creating a secret board so that nobody but you can see your writing inspiration pins, and no-one can steal your ideas. Then when you publish all your fabulous books (I'm convinced you'll be a famous writer one day) you can then reveal all your pins that inspired you to write those books. Again, I am sorry for any inconvenience I caused. It certainly wasn't meant. And I deleted the pin from my board. I re-pinned your pin because I 1). liked the picture and 2.) the picture description that you put up touched me and made my heart skip a beat.

      ~ Aspen

    3. Hi Aspen!

      Thanks so much! I understand completely about pinning from your phone. I don't mind you keeping the descriptions at all, it's just I'd like to have my name under it so that people know it's already a story. I was thinking about doing a secret board, but then other people won't be able to see them, and I want publicity for my books out there and to spark other's interest and creativity.

      Thank you for your confidence. I really would like to become an accomplished writer. Who knows? I might some day. :) And thank you for being so understanding. I'm sorry if I caused any problems or if I offended you in anyway!

      ~Angelina Zoe


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