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"Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."

Proverbs 31:30

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"Lose your life and you will save it. Submit to death, death of your ambitions and favorite wishes everyday and death of your whole body in the end: submit (to God) with every fiber of your being, and you will find eternal life."
-C. S. Lewis "Mere Christianity"

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Alone In the Dark

Here’s an expert from my fantasy book Alone In the Dark.  The book is completed, but it was written for NaNoWriMo.  Yeah, that tells you everything.  Right now it is under construction.  I’m about half done with rewriting it.  Yay!  So it’s almost there!  Halfway!  

If you’d like to read more, comment and I’ll have more.  

Angelina Zoe

Fëllon held tight as Ash, his dragon, pointed his body upwards, flapped his wings with powerful strokes, and straitened his thick, spiraling tail, pushing him higher in the air.  When they were far away from the dark and foggy Black Mountain and above in the bright sky, even with the clouds, Fëllon let go of Ash’s spike and extended his arms, holding on to the dragon’s body with his legs and closing his eyes.  
Fëllon saw Ash turn his head slightly to look at him - careful not to let that slight movement affect his flying - and saw that he was very much in his ‘happy time’ right now.  “How long has it been since we have done this,” Ash asked, lifting his right wing a little to turn.  
Fëllon opened his eyes and shrugged.  “It has been awhile since,” he replied, dropping his arms to his side.  “Sorry I haven’t had much time for you lately, Ash.  It’s just that Lord Ȅrräd expects so much from me now.  He has doubled my dark arts training!  Can you believe that?”
Ash nodded.  “He knows you don’t like it.  That is why he does it.”
Fëllon looked down at the scenery below - a bright green forest with a small lake in the center - and sighed.  “He thinks he can harness me with black training, but...”
“But it’s not working.  For him or you,” Ash said, leveling his wing with the other.  
“I don’t know what he thinks he can accomplish making me learn the dark arts.  I mean, if he’s trying to make us closer, then he could just, you know, say so.”
“What has he decided now to make you so upset with him this time?”  Asked ever-knowing-his-young-charge-Ash.  
“He wants me to go to Yilla and pose as the Yillan princess’s bodyguard.  He wants to make sure that she doesn’t succeed in getting the White Mountain dwarves to join the war against us before our forces are ready with ‘The Cannon’.”
“Well that can’t be so hard.”
“It isn’t.  It’s the fact that he just orders me around like a... like a... a slave!  I’m not his slave.  I think the reason he’s doing this is because he wants to see me fail.  He thinks I can’t succeed in anything I do.  He thinks I’m not such a good heir to the throne.  He just wants to test me to see if I’m anything like him in the ruling department.” 
“I don’t know if that is the reason, but I do know that you two are as different as a rainforest and a desert.”
Fëllon sighed, rubbing his hand on Ash’s side.  “I know that.”
“Well, that’s because you aren’t a moronic Mernic.”  Ash chuckled at his little joke and then grew serious again.  “I remember the day that Lord Ȅrräd brought you to the Black Mountain to live with him.  You were just a baby, all pale and pointy eared.”
“Yeah, I know I know.  He didn’t have an heir to the throne so he needed one and he found me.  I’ve heard that story many times.”
Suddenly the world around them changed as Ash dove downwards into the little clearing in the sunlit forest with the small lake.  He slowed down as he hit the ground and gracefully brought his wings towards his body.  

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