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"Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."

Proverbs 31:30

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Abigail Blackburn: A Look at the Character

So I have this character just like floating around in my head, and I can't get her out!  Every minute of the day I'm thinking about her characteristics, her family, her job, everything.  So I'm just going to get it out.  I will not call her a new character, however.  I will call her a "refurbished character" because she was someone I had in a book a long, long, long time ago...

So, re-introducing...

Abigail Grace Blackburn
Abby now
(It is very hard to find a picture of her... so this is the one I'll throw out there)

Age: 23ish-25ish
Height: 5'6
Eye color: naturally chestnut brown, but she usually wears contacts to make them green
Hair color: naturally dark, dark brown, but colors it really blonde (white, almost) and black underneath

This is how she naturally looks, the way she was made.

A dressy Abby.


Before her father died, she was the happiest girl in the world, always smiling and laughing, and always there to give an encouraging word to someone.  She was sweet, sensitive, and had a dream of becoming a doctor to help people.  But that was before her father died.  Many people would call her an unfeeling monster, and she believes it, most of the time.  But every once-in-a-while she finds that she does feel, and she doesn't like it.  When she feels emotions, she tries to shut them out and works even harder to keep them away.  That is until Bailey Forwen.  :)


Gabriel Blackburn, father: Died when Abby was nine.

Maria Davis Blackburn, mother: Mother doesn't keep in contact with her at all, could care less she even has a daughter.  Only calls Abby when she needs money.

Riley Gabriel Blackburn, younger brother: Four years younger than Abby, a mechanic and sort of a drop-out when it comes to school.  The only one of her family who loves her for being her.


When Abigail was just nine years old, her father died, leaving her mother desperate for money.  Her mother began gambling, drinking, and many other nasty habits.  It was like her mother had become a whole different person who completely ignored, unacknowledged, and almost loathed Abby.  Having to take care of Riley, Abby withdrew from any affection, save that of Riley, and put all of her hurt and sadness into karate.  When she was older, she became a CIA agent, but that didn't suit her.  She then went into an intense, special soldier training program where she became even harder and less feeling, and from there became a special agent - an assassin, if you will.  On the side she was an FBI agent.

She thinks that she is invincible and nothing could happen to her.  She pushes those that love her (which aren't many) away so that her enemies (which are many) will have nothing to threaten her with.  But her life is suddenly flipped when she is unjustly framed for a crime she didn't commit, and is then forced into hiding, having no money at all.  Then she meets an unusual biochemist named Bailey Forwen, who seemed to have no worries in life at all.  That is when her world is turned upside down by this man.

Here's an excerpt from a book I'm writing about her when she was growing up and missing her father who is off at war.

In my room
On my desk
January 15
     Dear Daddy,
     Hi!  How are you doing over there?  I hope there isn’t anything very horrible going on over there.  Do you still have the picture of me and Riley and Mommy that we sent you last fall?  If you do, and if you’re looking at it right now, imagine me taller, because I’ve grown a whole half inch since then!  Or at least I think a half inch.  Riley has grown the most, though.  He actually almost looks like a six year old, and not a four year old.  Mommy hasn’t changed at all, except she wears more makeup now to cover up wrinkles.  I ask her every morning now when I’ll get to wear makeup, because next picture we send I want to have it on.  Then I’ll be prettier for you!  I am eight now.  Don’t you think I should at least be wearing lipstick?
     I’m supposed to say something about school in this letter, or else Mommy will probably get mad.  So here’s what I’m saying about school.  It’s going good.  I mean well (I hope Mommy doesn’t read over this letter).  I think I know what I want to be now.  A doctor.  I want to help sick children, I think.  Isn’t that what you wanted to do?  I will make you and Mommy proud of me one day, Daddy.  I will be a famous doctor and heal many people and kids, and everyone will love me.  Even Mommy.  She doesn’t seem to be proud of me, and I don’t know why.  I think it’s maybe because my grades aren’t all A’s anymore.  What?  It isn’t like it’s second grade anymore.  Third grade is harder.  But I can do it.  I’ll make Mommy proud.
     Oh, before I forget, I have to ask you a question.  Do you believe there’s a Jesus who watches over us?  I asked Mommy that, but she said no, and she also said that people who believe in God are suckers, wimps, and cowards.  I don’t know if I believe her, though.  So I decided to ask you, cause you are always right.  If you do believe in Jesus, then I was thinking that I’m going to give it a try and pray to Him and ask Him to protect you.  I hope you answer this question soon, because I want to know if it will work or not.
     I have to go now.  Riley is whining at me, trying to get me to make him a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich.  Mommy is having some “me-time”, so I have to make him one.  I love you, Daddy.  And I am so proud of you!  I’m staying brave for you. 
     See you later, Alligator!
Your Bumblebee Abigail

I can’t imagine how much you miss me right now, because I’m missing you more than anything in the world! 

If you don't feel bad for Abby now, you will... if only you knew what I have in store for her.  >:}  Yes, I am evil!

~Angelina Zoe


  1. I also forgot to mention that Abby has a cousin named Sadie Greyson, who is Riley's age and is a blackmarket dealer, computer hacker, and identity thief.


  2. I already feel bad for for Abby....I can't imagine what you will do to her!!!

  3. I am going to do something very, very, very, very, evil... Something evilly brilliant and painful to her. Something that will make both her and the readers cry. So now you have something to look forward to. >:D



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