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Monday, January 6, 2014

Robin Hood BBC: Christian Review

So I was searching for a good tv series to watch and found that BBC has a version of Robin Hood, which has three seasons.  It sounded really good to me, but I didn't know if it was appropriate for me.  As a result, I searched for a Christian review on it.  Couldn't find one.  So we just had to experiment.  It turned out that, that night we ended up watching three episodes!  It was so good!  Because I couldn't find any Christian reviews on it, I decided to create one.  Yes, so here is my view on BBC's Robin Hood.  I only watched three episodes (episodes 1-3), so it only has a review on those three... for right now.

The Plot:

 The first episode in the first season starts out with a man trying to shoot a deer in the King's forest.  The King's men (the at this time is gone on a crusade, leaving his brother in charge, so therefore the guards were not there by the King's orders) found the man and, as the law of the land, he was to lose a hand (or in this case a finger).  Then appears the gallant Robin Hood, threatening to shoot if the guards didn't let the man go.  To make a long story short, Robin of Locksley had been gone for a few years, fighting in a crusade with the King, and the first episode takes place as he (Robin) is returning home, along with his faithful manservant, (whom he freed) Much (yeah, I have no idea who named him that).  So this episode is mainly about Robi,coming back and seeing his old friends and the village of Locksley who have suffered greatly under the rule of the Sheriff.  Robin is greatly distressed about it.  And to add on top of that, his two friends Luke and Will Scarlet are going to be hanged for stealing flour, and he has to oversee it.  Of course he couldn't watch them die.  Robin cut loose the men being hung for their crimes, and escapes with them into the Sherwood Forest.  And thus begins the tale of Robin Hood.    

The Characters:

Robin of Locksley a.k.a. Robin Hood:  Played by actor Jonas Armstrong.  Lord of Locksley until he became a bandit, fighting for the poor.
Robin BBC Robin Hood

Much: Played by actor Sam Troughton.  Manservant of Robin Hood during the crusade until he was freed for his services.  Very loyal to Robin Hood.
"Much. Much oh Much. You are adorable and sweet and funny. You are so hilariously cute and you always have the best lines. Can I put you in my pocket?"

Maid Marian: Played by actress Lucy Griffiths.  Daughter to the former Sheriff of Nottingham and also former love intrest of Robin Hood.  She holds a very deep grudge towards him for going off fighting in the crusade.

Sir Guy of Gisborne: Played by actor Richard Armitage (yes, it's Thorin!).  Master-at-arms and "servant" to the Sheriff of Nottingham.  Has a crush on Maid Marian and hates Robin Hood.
Guy of Gisborne clad in black leather

Sheriff of Nottingham: Played by actor Keith Allan.  A dastardly man, he is the slimy, slippery, cruel, and nasty Sheriff of Nottingham.
The Sheriff of Nottingham <----- this totally shows his personality


The first episode has a scene towards the very beginning where Robin Hood and Much stop at a peasant and his daughter's house, trading work for food.  The peasant's daughter is infatuated with Robin and it's seen she lures him alone and talks to him seductively.  It shows many passionate kisses between the two for a very long time.  Before it got too serious, the girl's father chased him away.  And there was only one bad word I counted.  Although back then it was a term for a donkey, so it might not have been bad to them.  Other than that, though, I found the first three episodes to be very enjoyable.  I would not let younger children watch, however, for there is a scene where the Sheriff brutally announces that he will cut out the tongues of anyone who will not tell him where Robin was.  It shows nothing, but still the thought of it makes me cringe.  There are also a few fighting scenes (a bunch, actually), but nothing bad at all.

The Overview:

Overall, I found Robin Hood to be a very entertaining series.  I don't know about the newer episodes (again, I only have watched the first three), but I have high hopes for them!  I give Robin Hood four stars out of five.  Definitely something worth watching.

~Angelina Zoe


  1. Angelina - I'm so happy to find a Christian review on this movie. The only reviews I've seen for it were on Amazon..and lets just say the people writing them needed to wash their mouths out with soap! ;) Anywho, I am longing to see this series and will have to look into it. Thanks for reviewing it for us!! Lots of love

    ~ Aspen ( a.k.a your sister on Pinterest)

  2. Hi Aspen! Thank you so much for the encouraging words! I know exactly how it is, wanting to watch a series but not knowing if it's any good. I have actually watched a few more. Actually, the last one in series two. It was really good, but a little bloody. And it made me cry... a lot!

    I'm glad you like my review! I'm actually planning on doing another review, but this time it's going to be about the BBC series called North and South.

    ~Angelina (a.k.a. your pinterest sister) :)

    1. Angelina, You're welcome sugar!

      Awesome! Blood 'n gore doesn't bother me, just cussing and bad scenes. *eck*

      Oh my! I LOVE North & South. Richard Armitage does an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G job (as always).

      ~ Aspen (a.k.a your pinterest sister)

  3. Blood and gore doesn't really bother me, either (unless it's very very gorey and just...ew!). I hope that you keep following my blog! And I hope it brings people joy and laughter! :D

    And yes, Richard Armitage is AWESOME!!!

    ~Angelina Z


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